Advance Rome City (ARC)

Advance Rome City has been formed for the revitalization and beautification of Rome City and the surrounding area. The organization exists to promote economic and tourism growth in the area, and to provide a forum for the public to discuss matters of revitalization and economic development. The organization strives to improve pride in the community and also works to make Rome City a place where neighboring citizens and travelers wish to visit. Advance Rome City shares the unique history of our area with youth and promotes the continued development of our town through community events and public education.

Advance Rome City meets the first Monday of each month, at Sylvan Cellars in Rome City at 6:30 pm.  
We welcome citizens to participate in advancing Rome City.
Board Members
Becky Chatham-Heidenreich, President
Diann Scott, Vice President
Linda Gray, Secretary
Brenda Conley, Treasurer
Jeannie Powell
Ruby Ramey
Roberta Stone
Rhonda Steinecker
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