Welcome to Rome City



Rome City Chamber of Commerce, as a part of the Northeast Indiana Region, provides a reliable network of community partners that are honest, caring, helpful and focused on the needs of others. 


Chamber members, including individuals, retailers, service providers and manufacturers have a generous nature that maintains giving as a central value. 


We care and we prove it by meeting the needs within our community.  

Our Home


Rome City, as part of Northeast Indiana, offers a place where you can sleep soundly at night knowing your neighbors will look out for your best interests. 


Become a part of our track record of safety and stability. We are a special community that lives by the golden rule, to treat people with grace and kindness.



Our community has a rich history that we work to honor and share.

Read more about our special place! 

Hoosier Hospitality


Our Hoosier hospitality is renowned from coast to coast, and you can enjoy it from the many lakes, streams, and attractions right here in the region. 


Multi-seasonal outdoor activities are available on Rome City’s nearby lakes including Sylvan, Jones, Steinbarger, Tamarack, Waldron, Latta, and the Elkhart River. 


There’s so much to enjoy! From our natural beauty, to historic and new attractions, all are accompanied by bright smiles and firm handshakes.